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Employee Benefit News
February 3, 2017
Cort Olsen


McClatchy Washington Bureau
February 1, 2017
Lesley Clark


Washington Post
February 1, 2017
Amy Goldstein


Morning Consult
February 1, 2017
Mary Ellen McIntire


Washington Examiner
February 1, 2017
Paige Winfield Cunningham


BuzzFeed News
February 1, 2017
Paul McLeod


February 1, 2017
Leslie Small


The Commercial Appeal, USA Today Network
February 1, 2017
Michael Collins


The Tennessean, USA Today Network
February 1, 2017
Holly Fletcher


February 1, 2017
Sarah Kliff




Anthem now has to answer for its Cigna liabilities
February 10, 2017
Brooke Sutherland

A N.Y. health law so stupid, it's sick
New York Daily News
February 6, 2017
Bill Hammond

Don’t raise taxes on health-care sector
January 31, 2010
Brian Bodner

Taxes mean higher health-care costs
January 29, 2010
Brian Bodner

Syracuse. com
January 29, 2010
Ross Kraft

The Business Review
January 15, 2010
Laura Wander

You can’t fix health care until you eliminate waste
Empire Page
January 6, 2010
Laura Wander

The Palladium TImes
November 23, 2009
Kishan Perera

Use current government health programs before creating giant new plan

Central New York Business Journal
November 21, 2009
Andrew F. Biernat

Health industry experts say there are 11 million US citizens who are eligible for SCHIP, but are not enrolled
Amherst Times
November 17, 2009
Daniel C. Judge

Healthcare efforts are off track from facts
Syracuse Post Standard
November 9, 2009
Renee Guariglia

Billions in Medicare fraud raises questions about public plan
Utice Observer Dispatch
November 8, 2009
Ross Kraft

Health Deform

NY Daily News.com
November 1, 2009
Mickey Lyons

Lawmakers Need to Rethink How to Help the Uninsured
Empire Page
October 27, 2009
Ralph Spagnuola

Keep public option out of final reform package
Utica Observer Dispatch
October 11, 2009
Andrew Biernat

Health Insurance Rates Set to Rise in 2010
Insurance News Net
October 9, 2009
Ross Kraft – Quoted

Good riddance to public option plan
Journal News
October 6, 2009
Jamie Schutzer

Public Option would hurt private insurance
October 5, 2009
Laura Wander

In seeking universal healthcare, we are clearly not on the right track
Amherst Times
October 3, 2009
Daniel C. Judge

Seven Simple Ways to Cure America’s Health-Care Ills
Central NY BUsiness Journal
October 2, 2009
Andrew Biernat

Oppose "public option”
Leader Herald
October 2, 2009
Laura Wander