NYSAHU professionals can help!

Beginning October 1, 2013, Health Insurance Exchanges will be ready to enroll indivdiual consumers and small business employees into health covearge available exclusively thru exchanges. Only experienced health insruance professionals can evaluate all health coverage options available both inside and outside the exchange to find the right coverage at an affordable price for you. Health insurance agents and broekrs selling in the Exchanges must be certrified and licensed by New York State. NYSAHU brokers agree to abide by NAHU’s Code of Ethics, which requires them to always make health care coverage recommendations in your best interest.

Why is an agent/broker helpful?

An agent/broker will work for you to determine the benefits and premiums that will meet your and your businesses individual needs. They will not only look out for your bottom line, but they will also work to make sure that you get the products and services that are right for you. An agent/broker will review the options that are available to you, summarize the differences and make recommendations based on what you need. Independent agents/brokers work for you—not any one insurance company. This ensures that your ongoing needs are their priority.

Expertise Matters

Professional health insurance agents/brokers provide the expertise you need to make the right choices. They are experts who:

  • Know the market—by distinguishing the best products from the merely adequate

  • Know the law—by reviewing state and federal legislation and regulations that impact the sale of health insurance products.

  • Know the industry—by completing stringent licensing requirements and continuing education courses

How will my agent help?

  • Review your unique needs

  • Learn about different insurance companies and types of coverage that can satisfy your specific concerns

  • Ease the burden on your time by doing the “legwork” for you

  • Get the most from your coverage after you’ve bought it