Webinar: Single Payer Healthcare - What Could it Mean for your Clients & Your Career?

The chant for single payer healthcare is being heard in many state governments (including New York) and at the Federal level. Is this just campaign rhetoric?  What is it really?  Single payer has several different interpretations and definitions. This course will define single payer and explain the difference between single payer and universal healthcare. To develop a solid baseline of knowledge in order for the agent to intelligently discuss the concept with their clients, it’s necessary to understand how single payer works in the countries often cited in single payer legislation. Therefore, we will also delve into international healthcare systems to a small degree. Finally, we’ll define the single payer legislation in NYS, how it is intended to operate, its stated goals and assumptions as well as how the bill drafter would pay for its additional cost. To provide a balanced view, we will also look at an independent analysis performed by a third party. 

This topic is especially important in New York State with the upcoming election.

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About The Instructor:


Dan Colacino

Dan Colacino, former NYSAHU President and current Legislative Co-Chair, is the Principal of Dan Colacino, LLC, an education and consulting firm specializing in the design, pricing and compliance of employee benefits.